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The bench is fully paid on order. Payment conditions can be found on the offer. Two-year warranty is applied.

Transportation cost is being calculated per location.

who is is part of “Accessories By VanBallenBerghe’. A side activity of Vanballenberghe bvba. The workshop is an artisanal atelier that is been making wood products for more than 100 years. We deliver wood products with an eye for quality and detail.

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Your wooden workbench is not a stock product. Each bench is custom fabricated for the ordering customer. Therefore a production and delivery time is needed of approx 6 work-weeks.

The workbench comes with a technical user manual for assembly and maintenance.


The current marked didn’t offer us solutions on the demands we had for a wooden workbench. There were always compromises to be made: It slid when we moulded hardwood, the vice got locked with wood dust, the work surface was too small, or … it is just simply too expensive in a purchase.

So we created a workbench for our own usage. Some version later we have a developed product that we now want to share with you. The workbench design has already been used daily by professional craftsmen for decades. This experience is now available for you.

Why do you think those old workbenches are so in vogue? Because nobody makes them like we are selling them now!

Choose for your professional ease and concentrate on your projects with this high-quality wooden workbench of

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